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AC64E simply means Axel C64 Emulator and represents an other C64 emulator.

I'm working on this little tool since 06/2003 - and compared to other emulators out there it is still a really buggy Alpha version ... and it will remain in this state for ever ;-)

I have a huge fascination for the emulation scene since I first started a C64 emulator on my good old Amiga. I loved the C64 too - and crashed two of them back in my youth loooong ago.
I love the C64 - and I love to code, so why not code a C64 emulator? I had nearly no idea of C++ when I started to code the emulator. So it was a hard task in all ways. But I learned a lot in the last two years so it will become better and better in the future. Don't expect many updates in the future, I will work on this emulation in my spare time to have fun. And sometimes other things will be more important.

All parts of the emulation are 100% my own work. (OK ok, I got some help with opcodes ADC and SBC) Thats why the emulator is so buggy I guess. But hey, I'm although proud of it. :-)

  • 85% 6510 emulation: most opcodes are fine. But JMPI, ARRB, SBXB, SHAIY, SHSAY and LASAY still making problems in the testsuite.
  • 40% VIC emulation: text mode, multicolor and bitmap mode + simple sprites with stretching
  • 10% CIA emulation: keyboard input and joystick 1 (cursor keys and space) are working
  • for Windows (still planning a linux version)
  • can run games in ".PRG" format
  • OpenGL Output via Freeglut DLL
You see the emulation is missing a lot of features. In the nearby future I'm planning to optimise the still buggy multicolor mode an to implement D64 loading (that will become a hard part!). And of course (much later I think) there will be a SID emulation.